Anna-Karin Lingham. Photo: Cristina Tscherning.

Anna-Karin Lingham. Photo: Cristina Tscherning.


About Anna-Karin Lingham

Anna-Karin has worked with branding for many years, both for companies and individuals. She has a long experience in leadership and branding from both large and small companies, both Swedish and international. She is an experienced and appreciated speaker, process leader and mentor. She has written a manual for developing your personal brand. So far, the book is available in Swedish.   

Anna-Karin combines analytics and creativity, people and companies in her lectures and processes. She is especially interested in how the good match between co-worker and business - the role as a brand ambassador - can lead to greater joy at work and raised profitability at the same time. Her vision is to through insights and tools help individuals and companies to open their windows and step out on new, exciting arenas. She is charmed by challenges and convinced that they are the only paths towards development. 

Anna-Karin has been named Mentor of the Year by the Stockholm Marketing Association. She is also a singer, artist and outdoor adventurer, with a special fondness of high mountains. During these latest years, her artistry has become part of her business, with colorful paintings as well as home decoration products. 

Cristina Tscherning

Cristina Tscherning


About Cristina Tscherning

Cristina Tscherning has a long experience from working with people both individually and in organisations. Her solid experience from development of organisations, leadership, change management and interest in human development lead her eventually into becoming a coach and terapeut in psychosynthesis. That in turn lead her into founding the much appreciated Mamita Sthlm, a bosom for everyone who need to reflect on themselves.  

She also runs Yosoy - which means "I am" in Spanish - which arranges trips in personal development all over the world. Many who have met Cristina and experienced her knowledge and heartfulness, describe that they have achieved lasting change in themselves. 

Cristina has lead many different kinds of projects in organisations, in order to increase the collaboration, find driving forces and make people feel and perform better. Today she works more focused on personal development, which aims to free the power in every individual, both on a private and professional level. 

You lead others through yourself and self-awareness is one of the greatest keys in all kinds of communications. All real understanding about how people function goes through the understanding of yourself and your own way of communicating.